Using Spatone During Pregnancy | A Review

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It’s certainly no secret that being pregnant whilst also looking after a toddler, is hard work. Having good energy levels is pretty much essential when it comes to being a toddler mum, so when pregnancy fatigue hits – life can become quite difficult quite quickly. I generally am somebody that has pretty good energy levels, we’re always on the go and I love being able to take Darcie out for adventures every day. However in this later stage of pregnancy, I won’t pretend that I haven’t begun to struggle. I’ll often find myself feeling dizzy and exhausted after doing even the simplest of everyday tasks. It was really starting to get me down as it became more and more difficult to keep up with Darcie throughout the day.

It was perfect timing really when Spatone kindly sent me some of their Liquid Iron sachets to try. Spatone is naturally occurring iron rich water that comes straight from the source in Snowdonia. I was sent the apple flavour which has quite a sharp flavour but is perfectly palatable. The great thing about Spatone is that it is totally natural and is is very easily absorbed by the body. This means that it can increase your iron levels gently without experiencing any of the less pleasant side effects of taking regular iron supplements. Speaking from experience I found that the iron supplement I took during the first trimester of pregnancy actually made me feel even more queasy than I was already and I wish I had discovered Spatone sooner as I haven’t experienced anything of that nature since using these sachets.

I’ve been taking the supplements daily and have honestly felt an increase in my energy levels. I am now 39 weeks pregnant and although life is still pretty tough looking after a toddler, the house and myself, I am coping much better than I would be without the Spatone. They recommend 2 sachets daily for pregnant women so I tend to have one in the morning when I first wake up and I take another one out with me for if I feel my energy levels starting to drop. These aren’t just for pregnant women though and I have every intention of continuing to use them once baby arrives. I’ll definitely need all the energy I can get in those first weeks with a newborn and a toddler!

How do you keep your energy up throughout the day?



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