My Top Picks From The Smyths Catalogue

March 21, 2019

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Smyths have released their new Baby Catalogue for 2019, it’s full of all great baby products and also has lots of tips and information to get you through the first years of parenthood. From sleeping, to weaning, to playing – they’ve got it covered! I often get asked for product recommendations so when they asked me to share my top picks, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Don’t forget to pop into store or have a browse online to find your own favourites too.

Babylo Milan Glider Chair and Footstool

First up is this gorgeous glider chair. I wish I’d invested in a comfy chair for feeding Ernie as I end up on the floor half the time! With Darcie I had a little sofa in her room but it was nowhere as comfortable as this one looks. I don’t often like the look of glider chairs but this one is stunning!

Babylo Milan Glider Chair and Footstool £169.99

Joie Sansa 2-in-1 Swing

Another item I wish I had invested in! This Joie swing is so lovely looking and I’m sure that Ernie would have loved it as a newborn. It sways both side to side and back and forth, comes with five nature sounds, five lullabies and also a vibration setting. If we ever go for baby number three, this will be top of my list!

Joie Sansa 2-in-1 Swing £149.99

Babylo Racer 500 Walker

Both my babies have absolutely adored their walkers so I’d say this is definitely one of my ‘must have’ items. They are perfect once they get to the age that they want to be off exploring but can’t quite crawl or walk yet, they save a lot of frustration.

Babylo Racer 500 Walker £49.99

Sophie La Girafe Teether Toy

Sophie is another one of my ‘must have’ items. Both Darcie and Ernie have had their own Sophie, two slightly different ones, and both have been an absolute favourite. It’s always my go to present for new babies, I’ve never known a child who hasn’t taken a shine to Sophie.

Sophie La Girafe Teether Toy £11.99

Rocking Unicorn

We’ve had a rocking Koala similar to this one since Darcie was a baby and it’s been a firm favourite for them both. Ernie still needs help[ to stay on it of course but he gets so excited to sit and rock on it. This unicorn is adorable and I know that if Darcie saw it, she would trade her koala bear in without a second thought!

Rocking Unicorn £49.99

To be honest I could have picked a hundred items from the catalogue! Smyths is one of my favourite shops to take the kids to. We have a big super store local to us and it’s absolute heaven to Darcie, she’ll spend hours deciding what she wants and we always find so many amazing items and bargains.

You can browse the entire catalogue here. What’s on your wish list?


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