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Two New Toys For Ernie | Review

Ahh the second child! The impossibly hard to buy for child. Am I right? Anything Ernie could possibly want or need, we generally have already somewhere either in a toy box or stored ready and waiting for him in the garage. I’m sure this will change as he gets older and his own tastes and preferences start to develop more, but currently I really do find it an impossible task to choose him anything new. But I’m also very aware that although at 18 months old, Ernie couldn’t care less whether he is getting something new or a hand down from his sister, I don’t want Darcie to think the world totally revolves around her. She needs to know that her little brother deserves presents too.

The other reason that I’m finding it so hard to shop for either of the kids these days is that we are increasingly trying to steer away from plastic as and when we can. We’re searching for those timeless toys that will last a good few years and then still be in a good enough condition to pass down to a younger relative or donate to a charity shop. I recently came across Hello Baby Direct who, among other things, stock beautiful wooden toys from Melissa & Doug, and I was very happy to actually find two new toys for Ernie that he hasn’t stopped playing with ever since.

The first is this Melissa & Doug Latches Board which both of the kids have previously enjoyed playing with at playgroup, so I knew it would be a hit. This is a great one for a range of ages as both Ernie (18 months) and Darcie (nearly 4) enjoy playing with it and working out the different latches. I’ve seen it said that this board is what we can blame for the fact that our toddlers have the knowledge and skills to expose us in any public toilet cubicle!

The second toy is this Race Car Carrier, also from Melissa & Doug, and Ernie’s new firm favourite toy. He plays with this every day in lots of different ways. Sometimes he just likes to play with the race cars and other times will pull them all along in the big transporter, taking them on and off as he ferries it around the house. The bright colours are lovely and it’s just such a well made toy that I know it will last him a long time.

It’s been so lovely to see him enjoying his new toys. They’re lovely quality and will be passed down when we are finished with them. Toddlers can be so hard to buy for so I just thought I share these finds in the hopes that it can help somebody else!


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