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When You Don’t Have A Village | Review

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but these days having a ‘village’ around you isn’t as common as it used to be. We are lucky to have a handful of family members close by, which is more than a lot of my mum friends can say, but it still doesn’t feel like a lot. Gone are the days of families living on the same street and juggling childcare between them. If you’re in a situation where you don’t have anyone to call on for childcare it can be really overwhelming to try and work out where to go to get some help once in a while. That’s where comes in to rescue anyone who finds themselves in this position. (more…)

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I Won’t Wish It Away

There’s no denying that life with two young children is hard. As they get older I’m sure there will be new challenges, new daily battles, new things to worry and feel guilty for. But this phase right now must surely be the most relentless. This is the phase when my baby wakes like clockwork every time my head hits the pillow, wanting a feed. This is the phase when my toddler is trying to figure out the world, she wants to push boundaries, try new things, and there are a lot of lessons for us all to learn along the way. Life as a mum of two under three is not easy, it can be gruelling, exhausting, emotional and unforgiving. Nobody with young children could be blamed for occasionally longing for days years from now, when the kids are off at school, or away for the night at their friends houses, or even with their grandparents while mum and dad finally get a week away. To themselves. (more…)

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