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Pregnant Again!

Unless you are somebody who solely reads this blog and doesn’t follow me across social media, then you will probably have already seen my pregnancy announcement last week! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to share this news with the blog as we wanted to make sure we had told all of our friends and family in person, where possible, before we posted the news online. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and due on the 24th June 2018. That date seems so far away but from how quickly time has flown by since having Darcie, I just know that it will come round before we know it.

As of yet we don’t know the gender of this baby but we are excited to find out on the 9th of February. I keep changing my mind about what I think we are having, but my current prediction is that it’s a boy. With Darcie I felt like I knew I was having a girl despite the whole world telling me I was having a boy, but this time I’m second guessing every little symptom and trying to read into it too much. In some ways this pregnancy has been very similar to my first and then in some ways it has been different too. I’m writing a whole post on how the first trimester has been so I won’t go into it all now, but stay tuned for that over the next week or so.

For now I just wanted to share with all my lovely readers how happy and excited I am to be carrying this baby. I’ve wanted baby number two since Darcie was about four months old and so for it to finally be happening makes my heart happier than I can possibly explain. Keeping it quiet online has been so difficult and was the main factor in me quitting Blogmas at the end of last year. I found it so difficult to be sharing my life online but missing out the single most exciting and life changing detail. I wrote my 10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week 16.12.17 post the week that we had our first scan, when we’d been told that the baby was looking healthy and growing well. And to not put that on the list just felt like a lie. I have countless pregnancy related posts sitting in my drafts that I can now start to finish and publish on here. So this is the beginning of me sharing this pregnancy with you and I hope you can enjoy this journey along with me.

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