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Idaho Jones Gallivant Baby Changing Backpack Review

Ahh, changing bags. When I became a mum I morphed into this new person who looks at prams the same way some people look at cars. I also became so nosy as to which changing bag people have and I’m always wondering ‘what they hell do they have in that massive bag anyway?’. When Dan and I were first shopping for baby bits while I was pregnant with our daughter I was adamant on the sort of bag I wanted. I’d done my research, by which I mean I had had a good look at what all the mums my age seemed to be carrying, and I had decided that I had to have a massive tote style bag to hang from my buggy that would tell all the world that I was a ‘yummy mummy’. Oh wow, I cringe at that now. But at the time I was convinced that I wouldn’t be happy unless we splashed out close to a hundred pounds for one of these bags. You probably know the ones I mean, sorry if you have one. Dan was less convinced and thought we should go for a more practical style like a rucksack, and something a bit less ‘yummy mummy’ so that he could carry it and keep his pride intact. We argued and argued and in the end we compromised and bought a cheaper, less girly tote bag. Within a month of having Darcie, I went out and bought a rucksack.

It’s one of the few ‘I told you so’ moments that I really allow Dan to revel in, because he was right. Rucksacks are the king of the changing bag world and you shouldn’t trust anyone who says otherwise. Even if you don’t want to wear it all the time you can still shove it underneath or clip it onto the pram, but the important thing is – you have the option. More specifically, you have the option that is the most revered option of all when you have a child, the option to be hands free!

I’ve been through a few rucksacks since having this revelation, none of them have actually been specifically changing bags but then as I said earlier I’ve never really been that sure what people keep in those huge changing bags. But now as I prepare for life with two children, I do need something a bit roomier. I need something that can accommodate for a toddler, a newborn and myself. Enter the Idaho Jones Changing Bag of Dreams. It’s not actually called that, but it should be. The Idaho Jones Gallivant Backpack really is the best of both worlds. It looks amazing, so simple and stylish and yet the design of it is so well thought out and accommodating for busy mums on the go.

Note: I’m about to say the word ‘pocket’ lots of times.

Starting with the design of the bag, it is made from a lightweight waterproof nylon material and has gold detailing of the zips and Idaho Jones Logo. The bag is waterproof and wipeable so it will stay in excellent condition no matter how many times you need to put it down on a muddy floor or less than idyllic changing room surface. The bag has optional stroller straps if you’re that way inclined and also comes with a matching changing mat that folds up neatly and slots into the padded sleeve inside the bag. There are two large side pockets that I find are perfect for carrying a drink for Darcie and also one for myself. There is a front parent pocket which has handy smaller pockets for carrying your grown up essentials without them getting lost amongst your child’s possessions inside the main compartment of the bag. There is also a velvet lined phone pocket on the front of the bag which is literally the softest thing and the most luxurious feature I’ve ever seen on a changing bag.

Moving onto the inside. There is the main compartment of the bag which has three elasticated pockets and one insulated drinks pocket which is such a handy feature of the bag. There is also a large padded sleeve perfect for a changing mat or even a small laptop or tablet and there is a zip pocket too. Basically what I’m trying to get across is that you won’t be short on pockets if you own this bag. Pockets to me are like a Mum dream come true and having a bag like this means that everything has a place. We all know that when everything has a place, you’re much less likely to need to spend half an hour rummaging around for your purse or the baby wipes in a moment of crisis.

In case you couldn’t tell I really highly recommend this bag. It is the perfect size for everything I will need for two children – and I don’t think I need to mention the pockets again!


*The changing backpack was sent to me for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.



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